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TRANSFORTUNE information is a company with systems integration, information security, security engineering and technical service operations battalion high-tech enterprises. Since its inception, relying on technological innovation and sound management style, market-oriented and industry alliance strategy was constructed based on the enterprise product-oriented industrial structure with the development direction of a variety of integration services, information technology and is committed to the promotion and construction . The company is committed to providing advanced and reliable integrated information products and comprehensive solutions for government, education, finance, health care, electricity, cross-border business, foreign investment and other industries.

Security Features

Company products are mainly for industrial customers in government, education, finance, health care, electricity, etc., is the early development of information security services conduct business. Currently the company's products and services covering more than one category computer / server security, trusted security gateways, security management center, trusted security domain access control system, and work closely with partners from the whole region and the whole process of building up security , becomes a single point of security for the whole network security, change from passive safety to active safety, varying network application security engine for the Internet security, "Internet security +" to overturn the traditional security, network security has opened a new chapter!


Company and IBM, Cisco, Oragle, Microsoft, Kingdee and other world-class companies to establish a good strategic partnership, and with several well-known manufacturers such as safety nets God, 360 Investor information, Venus, Blue Shield is committed to providing information together provide users with comprehensive IT information security services and co-manufacturers and users to establish full communication and trust.

Employee Value

For the company in terms of employees are the company's greatest asset, the enterprise value is jointly created by each employee, in order to build personal and business grow corporate culture, ideals and goals and establish mechanisms for combining individual incentives, the company provides to employees the freedom to grow space to selecting, training, lifting, training, leaving the principle of long-term importance of staff training professional skills, experience promoting shared values, a common vision for the party. Efficient, professional and stable management team allow the company to maintain a stable and rapid development of the company depicts the ideal blueprint.