DDOS Cloud Protection

DDoS cloud defense (DDoS Cloud Defense) - With the Internet growing popularity of the Internet, increase network bandwidth, high-speed Internet connections widely to give us some convenience, but also for the DDoS attack has created extremely favorable conditions.

More serious is the use DDos attack malicious competition, extortion has formed a complete industrial chain hackers! Moreover, the very low cost launch DDoS attacks on the Internet can easily search for a lot of DDoS attacks, a technical requirements are also getting lower and lower. In contrast, professional defense DDos attacks price is very expensive and difficult to trace the source of the attack is great, far greater than the cost of protection attack costs, resulting in DDoS attacks is a rising trend. For commercial competition, retaliation against a variety of factors, and cyber-extortion, etc., a lot of room IDC hosting, business site, game servers, chat network and other network service providers have long been plagued by DDoS attacks, followed by a customer complaints, with the virtual host users affected, legal disputes, business losses and other issues, therefore, to solve the problem of DDoS attacks become a top priority network service provider must consider.

When an existing single security system and the passive strategy is difficult to respond effectively to the cloud DDoS defense shield to integrate all resources have been deployed to create a strong cloud defense system, provide users with efficient overall network security solutions, allowing you the least safe investment for maximum return.